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what to hold on to

you can hold to grief but you have to make room for other stuff too.”  a quote from HBOs The Wire.

It hit me hard when I heard it last night. I have thought long and hard over the last two years about how to handle the grief the saturated me after my dad died.

There are so many levels to the process of dealing with the loss of someone so near and dear. Especially when it happens so quick.  Writing about death & grief could and has taken up pages upon pages over history. Though writing is a powerful coping mechanism.  This passage here is just a short & sweet appreciation for the initial quote.  Grief lives after loosing someone but it can also exist after giving up a habit or cutting out a certain food in your diet.

At Seed to Health we explore how to crowd out the old & disserving habits that have developed during life and stock up the enriching, joyful, preventative & healthy elements that this world has to offer each and EVERYone of us. 



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