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Health coach, personal chef, mama, collage maker, site seer and always learning.

I have been interested in wellness, food quality and lifestyle since my teen age years. I ventured into vegetarianism at the ripe age of 12 and continued on that path for 15 years.  I give thanks to the Weston A. Price Foundation for the quality information they provide on the benefits of high quality animal products that guided me to become an omnivore.

In 2009 I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with my father. I was jostled by the poor quality of food that was so prevalent at the hospital for the staff and patients. I found it incredibly ironic that such nutrient void, sugar filled food was being consumed in a health care establishment. This was one of the pivotal experiences that inspired me to educate myself and aspire to assist and encourage people to develop healthier eating habits.  I believe ingraining preventative habits into our lifestyle will breed healthier and happier lives in the present and long term.

Prior to becoming a Health Coach and personal chef I worked with individuals, families and communities as an Art therapist, Barista and in a Montessori classroom.

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