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As a health coach my job is to sit down with you and listen. Our relationship is all about you, your life, your HEALTH and how to enrich your experience! 

What is health coaching? Well at Seed to Health it is one part holistic nutrition and one part lifestyle solutions.  So the why AND the how are explored on an individual basis.

My approach features knowledge of mainstream diets, Ayurvedic principals, food combining studies and traditional foods practices.  After an initial consultation you and I will map out  goals & changes you desire to achieve. You will come to have a deeper understanding of how nutrition, confidence and relationships are all interconnected. Having a health coach through life’s changes offers you an enriched experience with better results.  You get one-on-one attention, consistent information and useable solutions.

We can work together in person, via email, on the phone or skype. Modern technologies compliment our busy lives.

Coaching is offered on a month by month basis, in groups or via specific packages focusing on issues such as

Strengthening the immune & digestive system

Hormone balancing

Fertility awareness

Weight loss & cleanses.

Each month your map may include:

+2- 45 minute meetings (in person, on the phone or via skpe)

+anytime email support

+recipes and/or meal plans

+pertinent information via handouts or websites

+subscription to the monthly newsletter, access to ebooks and shopping guides

+ gentle accountability

+my consistent dedication


+Cleanses & detox protocols can be specially designed for you.  

There are 2  group seasonal cleanses ever year.  

Cleanses offer you a chance to rebuild your relationship with food by stepping back from old habits and establishing healthy habits for a week or two.  Each cleanse session is fully supported with extensive cleanse information, a menu, and consistant check-ins via email or phone.

+Personal chef/shopper/caterer 

If it is necessary I can refer you to high quality holistic wellness providers to achieve maximum well being.   My practice compliments acupuncture, body work and massage, naturopathic treatments and chiropractic.  There are many pieces to the puzzle of well being. I believe good nutrition is the foundation for all of the pieces to work together.

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