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Personal Chef Advantage!

Personal Chef services are available to those of you who:

  • Have been advised by a health care professional to follow a certain diet (such as food intolerances & allergies, anti-inflammatory, GAPS, specific carbohydrate diet, paleo, vegan)
  • Are interested in expanding & adapting your palate to new & healthy foods
  • Are healing from surgery, disease or illness?
  • Do not like to cook but want to provide healthy & wholesome food for yourself & family
  • Would like to know about how to prepare nutrient dense foods & have a pantry overhaul

Let me come cook for you!  I will do it all, plan, shop & prepare just what you need.

Below are some sample dishes that I could make for you & your family

  • Roasted chicken & seasonal vegetables & green salad
  • Homemade teriyaki sauce on veggies, protein & millet
  • Quinoa Salmon burgers with seasonal coleslaw
  • Thai cilantro coconut curry with veggies on bed of brown rice
  • Sweet potato black bean tostadas
  • Salmon bowls with brown rice, nori crumbles & arugula pesto
  • Spring beet soup with cashew cream sauce & millet flat bread
  • Spring veggie quinoa sushi rolls
  • Corn chowder
  • Creamy chickpea stew
  • Mushroom barley soup

With my extensive nutrition back ground & plethora of resources I can provide you with exactly what your body needs. I can cook up to 3 meals a day  (2 x a week) and leave these dinners in your refrigerator in tupperwares with simple reheating instructions. This way all you do is come home & dinner is just a couple of easy steps away!!

How to get started?  Send me an email to or give me a call 503.522.8430

I have an easy-breezy intake form. You can fill in the information so I get to know you & what you like, then we are just a couple small steps away from nutrient dense, healing & delicious food being prepared just for YOU!

These advantagous services are $30/hour PLUS groceries & reusable container deposit.

Cash/checks/credit all accepted

enrich YOUR experience

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