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Bounty & Pickles

Tis the season for canning.  I chuckle at the process because it is often so hot outside when the time comes to put up garden bounty. Preserving so often means standing over a steaming hot pot of fruit & spices while it cooks down. Then there is the hot water bath, that takes a million years to heat up only to result in bubbling hot spring  for the duration of the canning session.  I love it though. These days I always partner up with a lady friend or two. We share our bounty, or wisdom & current experiences.  Then we have a gift arsenal to choose from for  the year’s up coming holidays & birthdays.

Grape pickles!

 We used this recipe for one batch of grape pickles, the ultimate in fancy condiments.  This is a great example of making quick pickles which DOES NOT require a boiling hot spring in your kitchen. It is as easy at simmering some flavorful brine, pouring it on desired clean, garden bounty and BAM, into the refrigerator.

I LOVE this plum galette recipe. The dough takes some getting used to. It is not the easiest to work with by following the directions but a super tasty gluten, dairy free alternative. Instead of letting the dough rest in the fridge I actually roll it out after it is made, assemble the galette on some parchment then put it in the freezer for 1/2 hour, preheat the oven, then bake it…If you have the time experiment. Early on I ended up with more of a crumble but it is always delicious, worth mastering and a favorite summer breakfast!


LOVE this video and have been spending my days listening to Little Dragon’s Pandora station.


Oh my gosh, I just realized that this amazing woman has a website! I was going to post a link to her top notch book Frugavore. Instead, I can link you to this for some inspiration in the name of FRUGALITY.

beautiful brine

In other news, recipe developing and tasting is underway for the Deep Clean, fall cleanse that starts October 1st!  Seasonal produce and tons of herbs will be the showcase in the recipes. This collection of recipes is being designed to offer super clean eating for nearly 2 weeks, so the body can clean out and store up all sorts of nutrients for the fall & winter seasons.  This cleanse is an opportunity to rid yourself of what you don’t need.  Then stockpile good recipes and habits to build a solid foundation of health. Interested?