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now serving up…… the Personal Chef advantage!

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This month marks the one year anniversary of Seed to Health! I could not be happier. My birthday was a week ago and I heard from friends & family via cards, posts and phone calls. I just love the flow of love that birthdays bring! One thing that I read more than once was that I was an inspiration. Yes, I really have turned my life around these past two years.. I did it ONE for my daughter and TWO because I love what I do, so starting my own business just seemed sensible.. Talk about a leaf of faith though!


I love love love to share ways to enrich this experience we call life.  Being healthy, wholesome & happy sure helps that enrichment process. Seed to Health offers daily tid bits online, super suggestions in health coaching programs AND now personal chef services!  Nutrient dense food for your palate’s desire and your immune system’s benefit is what this service is all about.  I can go deeper & offer top notch healing foods and allergen free meals.  Ah, the glories of nutritional studies!