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Purple potatoes, kohl robbie & how to use them

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Purple potatoes, kohl robbie & how to use them
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freshly harvested purple potatoes

I could not be more excited about these gems. The potato is SO versatile, especially this one, with its medium starch level, offering soups, mashing, baking and salads a great texture.  These are acceptable at every meal.

Purple is by far my favorite color, eating it is a pure pleasure!

These gems will make frequent appearances on our table, considering I have 12#s of them.

Purple potatoes are comparable to the good ol’ russet in nutrition facts, a bit of protein, some fiber, substantial levels of potassium. Potassium plays a crucial role, along with sodium, in regulating our blood pressure. Purple potatoes are super special because of their antioxidant levels. Anthocyanin is a pigment that creates the purple color in the potatoes and also acts as an antioxidant. In this modern world we need to saturate ourselves in antioxidants!

This recipe goes down in the Mustgos category.

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purple potatoes, oyster mushrooms, kohl robbie

Sunday Mustgos

(This served 3 people)

2 t extra virgin coconut oil (or butter)

2 t freshly ground cumin seeds

3 cups of  purple potatoes,washed, not peeled and cut into bit sized pieces

3 cloves of garlic, chopped finely

1/3 cup high quality broth or water

1 kohl robbie bulb, grated – leaves washed & ribboned

1 cup mushrooms (I used oysters), chopped

salt & pepper to taste

Heat oil in saute pan over medium, when melted minced garlic. Stir/saute for about 1 minute, add ground cumin seed. Stir/saute for about 5 minutes until garlic starts to brown and cumin smells amazing. Next add potatoes toss and cover with oil & spices, then add the  chopped mushrooms. Combine flavors and stir/saute for about 2 minutes. Add broth, bring to a quick boil, reduce heat and cover for about 8 minutes. Meanwhile, peel and grate kohl robbie and ribbon the leaves. When potatoes and mushrooms are almost finished add the greens to the top, recover and let them steam for about  minute.

Serve in bowl with grated kohl robbie on top. This is healthy & hearty meal that your whole family will love.

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green beans & giveaways

This salad is amazing.  It is great hot & cold.  It is so easy to make with just 5 ingredients.

The whole trimming of the green beans take some time but I recommend using scissors and doing a couple at a time.


Green Bean Salad

1 lb fresh green beans, washed, trimmed & cut into bite sized pieces (this is just my preference)

2 leeks, washed, cut into half moons

1/2 cup (packed) fresh dill

1/2 cup toasted almonds, coarsely chopped

2 T high quality extra virgin olive oil

Fill a sauce pan with water and bring to a boil. (This is to blanch the beans). While waiting for water to boil prepare green beans.  Once the water is boiling, place green beans in the water for one minute, with a slotted spoon or similar tool, transfer beans to a bowl of ice water to stop cooking, for a couple of minutes, then drain them in a colander.  Set aside while you prepare the rest.

In a medium sized skillet warm your choice oil/butter. I used 2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil.  Add chopped leeks & a pinch of sea salt. Saute, uncovered for about 5 minutes, occasionally stirring.  Once the leeks have softened a bit, cover and let cook for about 10 minutes, stirring once or twice. While the leeks are cooking coarsely chop almonds and dill and add them to serving bowl~ If you have a toaster, lightly toast the almonds or quickly do it in a saute pan after the leeks are done.

Leeks should be super soft & buttery.  Add beans to serving bowl and toss with leeks, dill, almonds and olive oil.

( you could also steam the leeks for about the same amount of time and get a very similar outcome)


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busy bees

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the health news and advice out there?

I do, but it is my job to read it, then synthesis it to offer a streamlined synopsis to clients.  We live in an epic time where there is more to do, try, see and more to read than ever before. Technology offers us plenty of advantages but also it entices many of us to multi-task  ALL. DAY. LONG.

Which brings me to the topic of smart phones. I recently took the plunge and invested in a smartphone. I loved it right off the bat! But I found in the beginning every time I had a spare moment I would reach for it. See, I knew this would happen, which was part of my resistance to getting one. Being without one for the last couple of years has offered me a front row seat to how everyone is looking down, down at their little information bot.

One day I was in a restaurant with a friend, we showed up during a rush and found a back corner spot to post up in. We were chatting up a storm. When there was a tiny lull in our engagement I listened to our surroundings and thought, wow it is really quiet. I figured everyone had cleared out.  Low and behold when I turned around to look, the place was full of occupied 2 and 4 top tables. Everyone was eating and looking at their phones. I thought  this was totally crazy town. This is just one of many experiences I have had that exposed me to the addictive nature of these devices.

Convenient information and social media stimulates the reward system in our brain, that very spark will keep us coming back for more and more. I think it is awesome that there is so much incredible information at our fingertips but the question I have to ask is, does it truly benefit us? Or does it offer a sensory overload and create more stress? Does it make us ‘busy’ all the time?  Are you in sensory overload mode?

The scariest part of smartphone use is that their ultimate convenience wards off our curiosity to know about the affects of radiation on the brain & body. Have you ever thought about all those electromagnetic waves around us ALL the time? It’s pretty wild. These waves absolutely have an effect on the body and we need to be aware of this. The blood-brain barrier is compromised by over exposure of these convenient waves, allowing toxins to permeate this crucial barrier. Now there is plenty of conflicting information out there about the safely of cellphones and wifi. Historically though, there have been plenty of popularly used items that ended up having serious health affects, like cigarettes and cars. My intuition combined with some solid research has lead me to limit my exposure and buck up my daily health protocols…

There are ways to limit exposure-

Do not have the phone in your bedroom while you sleep or turn it off over night

Use speaker phone

Do not keep your phone on your body all the time

When you go outside, leave your phone behind.

Create a ‘no phone’ rule during meals

Create work boundaries

….and if you are a parent try your hardest not to let your children compete with a smartphone for your attention.

TAKE BREAKS, the world will still turn

If you cannot fathom adopting any of the above recommendations then you need to arm your body with the tools to keep it strong and heal itself.  This means busting stress and eating well. Note that that chronic multi-tasking and information overload causes stress. Chronic stress leads to inflammation which is the root of many diseases.

If you have some extra time, do not be scared of peace & quiet.

So, can we have our cake and eat it too?  As long as it is not at the expense of others OR our health.

2012 is prime time to take charge of your health and healing.  There are more toxins, distractions and stress than ever before. Are you too busy to take time out for self care and your health?  Need a hand, be in touch, it is my specialty.