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Sounds of Fall

Apple season has arrived.  Though the prevalence of berries, peaches and watermelon sure do make my summer, apple season is my favorite. The portable glory of apples make them a daily companion in my life.  My favorite being the Honey gold, then Cameo and Pink lady.  I feel blessed to be in the heart of apple country here in Oregon where the majority of the US apples (and pears ) are grown.  Our local grocers and farmers markets boast a HUGE selection.  Perhaps this year I will find a new favorite.  As usual I like to found a bounty and process apples into galettes, sauce and chips.

colors of autumn

This fall brings Seed to Health’s annual cleanse to the scene. Each spring and fall I lead a seasonal cleanse with a group of people from Portland and beyond.  This year’s cleanse starts this Monday, October FIRST.  Cleanses are a chance to build your immunity, balance your hormones and clean up your diet, with daily support, delicious recipes and new rituals!  Ayurvedic inspired recipes are at the core of this upcoming cleanse.  So think cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and more spices for superior flavor enhancers. Roasted veggies, seasoned lentils, herbal teas and fresh salads will tantalize your palette and enrich your health. Seed to Health’s cleanses are a time to eat and enjoy food on the next level, not a time for deprivation.  Some commonly eaten foods will be swapped out for more nutrient dense alternatives.  For more details and easy access. Please to join us, bring a friend, relative or neighbor. The more the merrier!


A recent trip to NYC and Brooklyn provided these photo opportunities.  Good friends, great food, amazing structures and DIY inspiration found all over Brooklyn were the themes of our short & sweet stay

Tid bits of summer


This has been an amazing summer. East coast, west coast, camping, gardening, raising a baby and seeking inspiration all the long. Here is some evidence.


This lovely bride is super classy & a wicked fun party thrower.
One of my favorites of ALL TIME!


Kicking it with the dream team. Manzanita, OR


Inspiration in Manzanita, OR


Oregon Country Fair. The Ritz, my saviour


Happy windy beach baby




Garden bounty. Reminds me of Grandma


Sprouted quinoa, part of the permaculture of my kitchen


Odell Lake, epic to the senses


Healthy baby food


Staying cozy at Odell Lake (5,000 ft)


Last batch of heart shaped Cally snaps…


Manzanita early morning


Most romantic wedding EVER>Jim & Cait Cape Cod 7/7/12


West coast ladies take Cape Cod