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Mustgos salad



Growing up there was one night every so often that we had mustgos. My dad was known for making up words like basquatabus and he is the one who coined this evenings dinner theme. Mustgos aka left overs were not super prevalent in our home with 5 kids. As the older brothers grew up and left home Mom still used the same recipes so low & behold mustgos nights sprung up more frequently.

The following recipe is inspired by my dad and all the veggie ends & halves I have stored up this past week. I am amidst a cleanse so veggies are the mainstay of my diet this week. I noticed last night that I just couldn’t get warm and realized that my composition was not agreeing with my eating so much raw food. So today when I was really craving a warm meal I came up with this delightfully tasty salad.

You’d be surprised how many recipes you can make up just out of necessity to use what you have!


2 beets

¼ purple onion

2 bell pepper tops

1” daikon radish shredded

2 T  extra virgin olive oil

1 t  dried dill

s&p to taste

cube up the beets & steam them for 10-15 minutes (depending on how firm you like them)

while they are steaming quickly saute the onion in a bit of coconut oil on med-high, stir often.

Then chop/shred the peppers & radish. Drizzle olive, dill and s&p on raw veggies,  toss in onion & beets when they are done, for a nice colorful, warming salad.