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Primary food

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All food is not created equal, as we know. Not all food goes into your mouth and tours around the digestive system. Primary food nourishes us and plays a huge role in our overall health. This is not the type of food that grows in a garden, it does feed you though. There are four elements that make up Primary food: spirituality, exercise, relationships and career/job.
Each of these elements have an effect on your daily life. They are the source of experiences that make up life, nourish us and feed our souls. These elements come in all sorts of varieties and flavors. Spirituality clearly comes in many forms. Some of us are very aware of how spirituality affects our life and some of us are searching on where to begin to allow it in our lives and in what form. Exercise has so many flavors as well, each of us have very different capabilities and interests. All of us need exercise in some form or another to maintain a healthy body and mind. Relationships with co-workers, family, partners and the world are so complex. The effect of our relationships is often all day long. Whether it be in direct contact with someone, reflecting on an encounter or prospecting the future. Finally, our jobs and careers have a variety of influences on us including fulfillment and stress both physical and financial.
Taking time to consider the balance of these four complex elements in our lives can offer us some real insight on our general well being and how we respect ourselves. If Primary food is out of balance chances are you are not eating especially well. Part of my practice is to approach the scales with you and balance these elements out. So that you can take a look at healthier lifestyle and make it yours.