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I *highly* recommend a cleanse designed by Cally. I did a seventeen day summer cleanse. I felt so awesome and experienced what ” nourished” really means.  Sign me up for the fall version. ~Elsa


What I’d like to say about your services is that you took the time to research and help me better understand foods that could be making my migraines worse.  Since taking you advice and eliminating deli meats from my diet, my migraines have reduced significantly.  I have discontinued the prescription medication I started taking 7 years ago and have had only a few migraines in the past year (versus having them every month~Chris


Thanks for turning me on to Chia seeds! Above all, thank you for designing the most wonderful cleanse I have ever done! Your recipes are delicious, your insight and knowledge exceptional, and your accessibility, kindness, and generosity of spirit along the way together provided an amazing support in reaching the clean, clear and relaxed state I so needed and am am so relishing! ♥~ Amanda


Still feeling clean and clear after a recent detox-rebalancing cleanse guided by the lovely Cally Fruscello of Seed to Health! I enjoyed some SeRioUsly delicious meals while ridding of unnecessary toxins roaming around in there. Though challenging at times, I was provided with great support and encouragement and I’m so glad I pushed through to the end! Cally is super resourceful in the world of food and nutrition so this was also a great learning experience, particularly in the area of food combining. I highly recommend Cally to guide you through this cleanse (see seed to health for more details) or just to provide you with some super informative and inspiring nutritional counseling. Your body will thank you ~Brooke
Cally, your talent and skill amaze me. As a pediatrician, I know the value of the healthful food you make, and as a mother of four I’m delighted to watch all of those beautiful veggies disappear, leaving happy kids and clean plates!~Dina
I think your biz is truly needed right now! Who doesn’t need a little detox and nutritional inspiration!  I love the recipes, attitude, encouraging words of wisdom, and again, the recipes, they really are so delicious!  Seed to health is worth inviting into your life!  You’ll be so glad you did~Fay
Cally has aided me tremendously in transforming into a woman that is now shooting out some roots deep into the world of nutrition. I am thirsty for knowledge on working to be the healthiest me that I can be. I have been inspired by Cally’s consults to focus on the most nutritious, organic whole food ingredients and to avoid processed foods, particular chemicals, and even be aware of my food pairing choices. I applaud Cally as she plants seeds with fellow Portlanders and brings them to their ideal version of personal health. Cheers to all of our health~Joceyln

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